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River is a registered TB mare that came to H4H from an Animal Control seizure in Shenandoah County on July 15th with a body score of 1.5. River is now a body score of 5 and progressing beautifully! 

River is an introvert and prefers to be on her own and process her thoughts and feelings. She is smart and kind. Once a bond and relationship has been created, she is trusting and loving. Without a rapport having been created, she is a bit hesitant to interact.

River has had her front feet done and caught up (they were untouched before arriving), has all of her vaccines, had her dental done and has even started her groundwork training! River is unbroke but totally sound and has BEAUTIFUL movement! She is capable of having a full riding career! 

River will need someone patient that wants to build a connection and has experience working with green or unstarted horses. She is a big girl with a big and bright future ahead of her!

River Sponsorship

Price Options
One-time purchase
Stable Supporter
$50.00every month until canceled
Hoof Hero
$150.00every month until canceled
Majestic Mane Patron
$250.00every month until canceled
Gallop Guardian
$350.00every month until canceled
Champ of Compassion
$450.00every month until canceled
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