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Let's make it personal and
Sponsor A Horse

Embarking on a journey of compassion, our horse sponsorship program is a unique opportunity to directly contribute to the rehabilitation of horses in need. These equine companions, often arriving with physical or mental challenges, require dedicated support to transition into their next phase of life. Your sponsorship offers a lifeline, enabling you to focus your generosity on a specific horse, tailoring your contribution to their rehabilitation requirements. From basic feed to comprehensive care, your support plays a pivotal role in their healing journey. For those committed to making a significant impact, top-level sponsors receive quarterly updates, providing a look into the progress and well-being of their sponsored horse. Even for our other sponsors, annual updates ensure you remain connected to the positive changes of your support. Should you wish to deepen your connection, feel free to reach out and learn more about your sponsored horse. For those closer geographically, the option to schedule a visit and personally meet the horses is also extended. Plus, rest assured that we frequently post updates on the horses' journeys on our Facebook page, keeping our sponsors engaged and informed about the positive impact of their support. Your sponsorship transcends distance, making a tangible difference in the lives of these deserving horses.


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